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PixMW is a collection of 2222 characters living on the Polygon blockchain. Created for profile photos(PFPs). All characters are designed manually without using programming techniques. Now each of them is looking for friends.

 -The first 250 people who buy from the PixMW collection will be entitled to one gift NFT from the next project as they will form the foundemantel of the community (it doesn’t matter if you already have any in your collection).
 -Every month, 25% of the profits from the sales will be distributed to the holders. (You must have at least 5 PixMWs to take advantage of this feature)
 -10% of the proceeds will be donated to charities.
As we grow our community we will have more utility.

Why are you completing the collection manually?

-It seemed more special to me to spend effort on each piece instead of preparing thousands of them with a few coding.

What is the difference of the “Heroes” category?

-As the name suggests, they are “Heroes”. Some accessories are just for them.

Since the characters are designed manually(yeah it takes a lot of time), the color tones of some features are arranged in accordance with the character. So they can be a little more special. These features are; Mole, Stitches, Freckle, Senile and Eye Color.


#1-1000 floor price: 0.005 eth.
#1001-2222 floor frice: 0.007 eth.

Creator fee set to 5%.

Find Your Friend!